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TILLER’S KILLER ARRESTED! …Update: Scott Roeder Arrested- Has Record …Update: Member of Anarchist Group

May 31, 2009

The body of Dr. George Tiller is removed from the Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kan., Sunday, May 31, 2009. The attorney for Tiller says the late-term abortion provider was shot and killed at his church in Wichita. (AP/Orlin Wagner)

George Tiller’s killer was arrested today on Interstate 35.
Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies stopped the suspect on I-35 between the two main Gardner exits around 1:30 p.m. He surrendered without incident. He is in custody of Gardner police and Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies.
The goon went inside a church and shot Tiller while his wife was singing in the choir. reported:

The suspect in this morning’s fatal shooting of George Tiller is in custody, according to emergency dispatchers.

Authorities have yet to release more information about the arrest. Wichita police have scheduled a 4 p.m. news conference to discuss the case.

Tiller, 67, was shot just after 10 a.m. in the lobby of Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses, a city official and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.

Police had said they were looking for white male who was driving a 1990s powder blue Ford Taurus with Kansas license plate 225 BAB. The vehicle is registered to an owner in Merriam, which is in the Kansas City area.

Hat Tip BabbaZee and BG

Russ made a good point earlier:

Despite peoples’ wishes, I think we’re going to find out that Tiller’s murderer was indeed associated, albeit on the fringes, with some sort of pro-life organization.

That association will indeed be used to tar the entirety of the pro-life movement, in precisely the same way that the entirety of Islam wasn’t after 9/11, or the Left in general wasn’t after a Weather Underground bombing.

Don’t kid yourselves. The odds of Tiller having been murdered for any reason other than his “medical” practice are vanishingly small.

Far Left blogger Andrew Sullivan is already blaming the Christianists.

The last murder of an abortion provider was more than 10 years ago back in 1998.
That changed today.

The Other McCain has more.

UPDATE: Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies stopped killer Scott Roeder on I-35 between the two main Gardner exits around 1:30 p.m. He surrendered without incident. Deputies did not find any weapons on him.

UPDATE 2: It was not his first arrest.
Free Republic had this from the ADL:

Scott Roeder is sentenced to sixteen months in state prison for parole violations following a 1996 conviction for having bomb components in his car trunk. Roeder, a sovereign citizen and tax protester, violated his parole by not filing tax returns or providing his social security number to his employer.

He is a pro-lifer, except when he kills abortionists:

This is a reply he had at the Operation Rescue Site:

Scott Roeder Says:
May 19th, 2007 at 4:34 pm
Bleass everyone for attending and praying in May to bring justice to Tiller and the closing of his death camp.
Sometime soon, would it be feasible to organize as many people as possible to attend Tillers church (inside, not just outside) to have much more of a presence and possibly ask questions of the Pastor, Deacons, Elders and members while there? Doesn’t seem like it would hurt anything but bring more attention to Tiller.

His comment has since been removed from Operation Rescue’s website.

UPDATE 3: Scott Roeder was convicted back in 1996 on bomb charges.
This guy was a nut… and a killer.

UPDATE 4: Roeder was a “Freemen” member:

Topeka, Kan. – Preliminary hearing for Scott Roeder, Freemen member charged with possessing bomb parts.

The Freemen are a radical anti-government group.

UPDATE 5: Roeder was on the FBI’s list as a Freeman member back in 1996 when he was arrested:

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Media Applauds Obama For Taxpayer-Funded Date Night In Big Apple

May 31, 2009

I know I’m going out on a limb here…
But, for some strange reason I don’t believe the media would have been as kind to George W. Bush if he would have flown Laura to New York City for a “date” costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars during the “worst recession since the Great Depression.”
But, that’s just me.

Obviously, the media thought of last night’s carbon-burning jaunt to NYC as just a romantic evening between two lovebirds.

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Headlines from Memeorandum

The only nasty headline put the focus on the GOP for criticizing Dear Leader.

Oh well. What did you expect from our corrupt media?
At least the Obamas didn’t swoop down on Manhattan for a $328,000 photo-op before they landed.
That’s good.


May 31, 2009

Controversial late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed as he walked into church this morning.
The Wichita Eagle reported:

George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who became a national lightning rod in the debate over abortion, was shot to death this morning as he walked into church services.

Tiller, 67, was shot just after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.

No information has been released about whether a suspect is in custody.

Homicide detectives and Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston have arrived at the church.

Dr. Tiller’s offices were reportedly vandalized earlier this month:

On May 1, his clinic was vandalized. Vandals cut wires to outdoor lights and surveillance cameras. They also sliced a hole in the roof and plugged downspouts. Rain then poured into the clinic causing thousands of dollars of damage. Tiller reportedly asked the FBI to investigate the incident.

Police were looking for a blue Ford Taurus with a K-State vanity plate, license number 225 BAB. Police described him as a white male in his 50’s or 60’s, 6’1,” 220 lbs, wearing a white shirt and dark pants.
The car is reportedly registered out of Merriam, Kansas a suburb just to the southeast of Kansas City, Kan.

More… Here is Dr. Tiller talking about the attacks on his office, protests, and a previous attempt on his life from an earlier interview:

Interesting. FOX4 has video of Bill O’Reilly posted on their website.

Daily Kos and is blaming O’Reilly, Beck, and Hannity.
Andrew Sullivan is blaming O’Reilly.

Charles Johnson is scouring the comments here.
Please don’t give him or the Left any ammunition.

Hatesite Daily Kos is now pointing out deleted comments from this thread.

The Christian Defense Coalition condemned the shooting today.

UPDATE: TILLER’S KILLER ARRESTED! …Update: Scott Roeder Arrested- Has Record …Update: Member of Anarchist “Freeman” Group

A New Low? GQ Lists Sarah Palin a "Cougar" (Promiscuous Woman)

May 31, 2009

Cougar— A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

In a recent article picturing noted “cougars”– GQ says Governor Palin is leaving her paw prints on young men:

GQ: American Cougar
The Cougar in Chief

She’s here, she’s built, and she’s not wearing any goddamn old-lady-senator suits, either. And the first dude will not be the only man she’ll leave her paw prints on.

• Sarah Palin

They also list Laura Bush as a Forbidden Cougar.

Abbas Tells Egypt: Obama Firmly Committed to Ejecting Jews

May 31, 2009

No wonder Obama mugs are such hot items in the Palestinian territories…

A Palestinian shop owner, not seen, displays mugs for sale with portraits of U.S President Barack Obama next to U.S and Palestinian flags at a souvenir shop in Gaza City , Sunday, May 31, 2009. (AP/Hatem Moussa)

Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in Cairo on Saturday that Barack Obama is committed to ejecting Jews from Judea and Samaria.
Israel Today and ROP reported:

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday told reporters in Cairo that he is convinced that US President Barack Obama is firmly committed to finally ejecting the Jews from Judea and Samaria.

Abbas spoke to the press after briefing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on his visit to the White House late last week, during which Obama apparently agreed with his guest that existing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria must not even be allowed to experience “natural growth.”

“When the American administration talks about Israel’s duty to stop the settlements – including natural growth – it is a very important step,” noted Abbas.

Following their meeting last Thursday, Obama said that he also told Abbas to make a bit more of an effort to halt what he described as isolated and sporadic anti-Jewish incitement in Palestinian schools, mosques and media. Documentation by Israeli and international watchdog groups shows that the incitement is far from isolated or sporadic.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials cited by Ha’aretz decried the Obama Administration’s stiff demands that no more houses be built for Jews beyond the pre-1967 borders.

They noted that under former President George W. Bush, Israel reached understandings that the natural growth of existing towns would not subject to Israel’s commitments to halt settlement activity (commitments many Israelis see as null and void anyway since the Palestinians have failed to honor their reciprocal obligations).

Meanwhile, Hamas militants battled Fatah yesterday as the battle for Hamastan continued.
6 Hamas terrorists were killed.

A Look at Cuba Before Its Destruction By the Castro Regime (Video)

May 31, 2009

Before the Castro brothers destroyed Cuba it was truly an island paradise.
Here is video of its thriving capital Havana before the evil reign of the Marxist Castro regime:

Via The Real Cuba
What a beautiful country before its destruction. How sad.

And, to think that just last month 7 Congressional Democrats traveled to Cuba to prop up this evil regime.

A Look at Iran Before Jimmy Carter & the Ayatollahs (Video)

1st Prez in History Who Voted to Filibuster Supreme Court Nominee Today Insists on a Clean Process

May 31, 2009

Barack Obama holds another distinguished honor.
He’s the first president in history who voted to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee.
Today in his weekly address he insisted on a clean process.
ABC News reported, via Free Republic:

President Obama’s expressed hope today in his weekly address “that we can avoid the political posturing and ideological brinksmanship that has bogged down this (Supreme Court nomination) process, and Congress, in the past” runs against another historical first for the 44th president: his unique role in history as the first US President to have ever voted to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee.

So while there is little indication Republicans intend to filibuster President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the GOP will likely invoke the President’s unique history whenever he calls their tactics into question.

In January 2006, then-Sen. Obama joined 24 colleagues in a futile effort led by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of now-Justice Samuel Alito.

Susan Boyle Places 2nd in Britain’s Got Talent 2009 (Video)

May 30, 2009



Susan Boyle will not perform for the Queen.
She placed second in Britain’s Got Talent 2009.
FOX News reported:

Susan Boyle’s reality show journey ended Saturday with a second-place finish to a dance troupe called “Diversity” on the final of the television show “Britain’s Got Talent.”

After the announcement, Boyle curtsied to the audience and gave them her signature hip shake.

During her finals performance, Boyle looked polished, wearing a sparkling, floor-length gown. She returned to the song that made her an internet sensation — “I Dreamed A Dream” from “Les Miserables.”

Oh well. She’s going to make millions anyway.

It’s Date Night!… This Week First Couple Will Fly to New York For a Broadway Play

May 30, 2009

It seems like it was just yesterday that Barack Obama was telling us that everyone was going to have to sacrifice for the greater good:

“Everyone’s going to have to give. Everyone’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

So much for shared sacrifice…
Tonight is date night and, no the First Couple is not flying to Chicago for a night out. This week they are taking the plane to New York City for a Broadway Show and dinner in the Big Apple.

The AP reported:

For the evening, the first couple jetted to New York City for date night. A Broadway show and probably dinner were on tap.

“Hi, guys,” Obama said to reporters and visitors gathered at the White House as he and Michelle left for their night out. Both were decked out: She wore her hair up, heels and a sleeveless black ruffled dress that fell below the knee while he went tieless in a dark suit and white shirt…

The White House refused to say how much the trip was costing taxpayers.

Even before the Obamas left Washington, the there-and-back trip drew criticism from Republicans. They questioned the president’s decision to travel to New York for a night of entertainment during a recession and while automakers struggle to survive.

It was just a few months ago that auto executives were roundly criticized when they traveled to Washington for congressional hearings in pricey private planes.

Hopefully they won’t take the plane down low over Manhattan before they land.

Gov. Mitch Daniels Attacks Dem’s Cap & Tax Bill in Weekly GOP Address

May 30, 2009

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers.”

Senator Barack Obama
Speaking on his energy policies
San Francisco Chronicle
January 17, 2008

Barack Obama admitted in an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle during the 2008 campaign that cap and trade energy policy would “cause electricity prices to skyrocket.”

Via Special Report with Bret Baier

Indiana Republican Governor Mitch Daniels attacked Democrats today for the massive Cap & Tax bill that will decimate the US economy and cost American families $700 to $1,400 per year.
Real Clear Politics reported:

Republicans on Saturday attacked the climate change proposal crafted by congressional Democrats and endorsed by President Barrack Obama as doing little to reduce global warming while saddling Americans with high energy costs.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, in the GOP’s weekly radio and Internet address, called the House climate bill “a classic example of unwise government.” The address culminated a week of coordinated Republican attacks on the Democratic proposal which would require the first nationwide reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

GOP House members used the weeklong Memorial Day congressional recess to drum up voter opposition to the Democratic bill. The governor’s criticism echoed Republican lawmakers’ arguments at “energy summits” in Pennsylvania, Indiana and California and at other forums during the week.

The proposal to cap greenhouse emissions “will cost us dearly in jobs and income and it stands no chance of achieving its objective of a cooler earth” because other nation’s such as China and India will not have to follow, argues Daniels, according to a transcript of the Saturday address.

“The cost for all American taxpayers will be certain, huge, and immediate. Any benefits are extremely uncertain, minuscule, and decades distant,” maintains Daniels.

The climate bill would require a 17 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020 and 83 percent reduction by mid-century. It advanced from the House Energy and Commerce Committee shortly before lawmakers left Washington for their holiday break, getting only one GOP vote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she wants to take up the measure in the full House this summer.

“The national energy tax imposed by Speaker Pelosi’s climate change bill would double electric bills here in Indiana, working a severe hardship on low income families, but that’s only where the damage starts,” says Daniels. “In a state where we like to make things, like steel and autos and RVs, it would cost us countless jobs. … Our farmers and livestock producers would see their costs skyrocket. and our coal miners would be looking for new work.”

FOX News has more on the GOP address.