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Youth Voters & Undecideds Surge to John McCain!

October 31, 2008

The Youth Vote Is Surging To McCain–
Undecideds Are Also Leaning McCain

It ain’t over til its over!

Glenn McCoy

Young voters are now evenly divided among the two candidates.
Dick Morris reported:

A massive shift in younger and older voters is roiling the presidential race according to new data from the Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll concluded October 28-29. Younger voters — under 45 — once Obama’s base, now are evenly divided between the two candidates. But voters over 65 have shifted sharply to the Democrat in the past week.

Voters under 45 supported Obama by 52-38 in the Fox News poll of October 21-22. But this week’s survey indicates that they now break evenly with 45% supporting Obama and 46% backing McCain. On the other hand, voters 65 and over, who had backed Obama by 46-42 last week have now shifted decisively in his favor and he now leads McCain among seniors by 54-39. Middle aged voters — aged 45-64 — are largely unchanged in their views. Last week they backed Obama by 48-40 and this week they still support him by 48-43.

Overall, the Fox News survey shows McCain narrowing Obama’s lead from 49-40 (9 points) to 47-44 (3 points) over the past week.

Also… Undecideds are leaning towards McCain and have a +17 favorable view of Palin.

And, don’t forget about the Obama psy-ops game plan against conservatives.
Ace reported this from Hillbuz:

On a similar theme, HillBuzz reminds us of the psyops Axelrod tried against Hillary in the primaries and has planned for us in the next five days:

(1) Calls for McCain to just give up and quit, because the race is over.
(2) Wild claims of Obama winning states that shock and surprise you.
(3) Repeated insistence that blacks and young people will decide this election, and they are all going to vote in record numbers for Obama.

Rush Limbaugh has more on this Democratic strategy to suppress the enthusiasm of conservative voters.
Look at the many slanted polls that are top heavy on Democrats as more proof of this.


Obama Blasts "Selfish" Americans For Not Wanting to Pay Higher Taxes

October 31, 2008

The Marxisant radical was back at it today…
The One blasted “selfish” Americans for not wanting to pay higher taxes:

Jake Tapper reported on Obama’s attack on “selfish” Americans:

“The reason that we want to do this, change our tax code, is not because I have anything against the rich. I love rich people! I want all of you to be rich. Go for it. That’s the America dream, that’s the American way, that’s terrific…

“John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic. You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

So, since when did Obama start joking about socialists?
His close pals probably won’t appreciate that.

Related… Here’s more on Obama’s coming Caracas on the Potomac.

In 1982, The NYT Linked Obama’s Pal Khalidi to the PLO… Not Today

October 31, 2008

The LA Times is holding a video that shows Barack Obama celebrating with a group of Palestinians who are openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama even gives a toast to a former PLO operative at this celebration. If the American public saw this radical side of Barack Obama it is unlikely he would ever be elected president.
But, the media refuses to release this video.

Terrorist Bill Ayers— Barack Obama— Jew-hater Rashid Khalidi
There are also reports that terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were at the Jew-bash.

How radical is Barack Obama’s close friend, Rashid Khalidi?
Back on June 8, 1982, Thomas Friedman at the New York Times reported on Rashid Khalidi’s connections to the PLO terrorist organization.
The American Spectator reported, via LGF:

The evidence for the connections between Khalidi and the PLO are much more explicit than that. Thomas Friedman, in a June 8, 1982 New York Times piece about the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, referred to Khalidi as “a director of the Palestinian press agency, Wafa.” To be clear, Wafa is controlled by the PLO –and you don’t have to take my word for it. Even Khalidi himself, on page 7 of his 1986 book Under Siege: P.L.O. Decisionmaking During the 1982 War, describes it as “the P.L.O.’s news agency.”

That’s not the most telling part of Under Siege. In the book’s preface, Khalidi reserves his first paragraph of thanks for the research assistance provided by the PLO in general, and Arafat specifically. “Permission to utilize the P.L.O. Archives for the first time was generously given by the Chairman of the P.L.O. Executive Committee, Yasser ‘Arafat,” Khalidi wrote. “To him, and to the dedicated individuals working in the Office of the Chairman, the P.L.O. Archives, and the Palestine News Agency (WAFA), who extended every possible assistance to me on three trips to Tunis, I owe deep thanks.”

But, of course, these reports were published before Obama was linked to this former PLO operative.
In today’s New York Times’ article on Khalidi they omit Khalidi’s association with the PLO:

He taught at universities in Lebanon until the mid-’80s, and some critics accuse him of having been a spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization. Mr. Khalidi has denied working for the group, and says he was consulted as an expert by reporters seeking to understand it.

The NY Times sure won’t have to worry about getting kicked off the plane.

** Obama’s Fancied the Chicago Terror Gang– Partied With Bombers & Former PLO Operative
** Jewish Voters Confront Barack Obama On His Close Association with Former PLO Operative Rashid Khalidi
** LA Times Won’t Release Video of Obama Publicly Praising Former PLO Operative & Jew Hater
** Media Refuses to Release Video of Obama Toasting & Praising Close Friend Rashid Khalidi–
** Confirmed: MSM Holds Video Of Barack Obama Attending Jew-Bash & Toasting a Former PLO Operative
** Update On The Obama-Khalidi Tape– Contact
** O’Reilly Factor Reports on the Obama-Khalidi Tape (Video)
** FOX News Reports on LA Times Withholding Tape of Obama Toasting Former PLO Operative at Jew-Bash
** Grapevine Reports on LA Times Obama-Khalidi Tape
** Newt Gingrich Blasts LA Times For “Suspiciously” Suppressing Obama-Khalidi Tape
** Woah!… McCain Blasts Obama Khalidi– Equates Obama’s Radical Pals to Neo-Nazis!!
** LA Times: Barack Obama’s Friends Are So Dangerous That Revealing Our Source Would Put Him In Jeopardy

UPDATE: You could see this coming… The Washington Post is defending the former PLO operative, too.

(This post was updated and bumped)

UPDATE 2: Andrew McCarthy has more on the outrageous journalistic malpractice of the LA Times, via LGF.

UPDATE 3: Here is a list of the attendees at the Obama-Khalidi dinner in Chicago.
This was put together by Change and Experience:

Those who attended (the guest list):
1. AAAN (Arab American Action Network)
2. Not In My Name
3. Ali Abunimah (a Palestinian rights activist in Chicago who helps run Electronic Intifada, who met Obama in 2000)
4. Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers
5. Barack Obama
6. Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley
7. Rashid Khalidi
8. Mona Khalidi
9. Gihad Ali, a Palestinian spoken word poet
10. NPR Worldview host Jerome McDonnell (not McDonald as written in the e-mail)
11. Camilia Odeh (director of SWYC Southwest Youth Collaborative)
12. Sanabel Debka Troupe (traditional Palestinian dance group)
13. Hatem Abudayyeh (AAAN’s executive director)
14. Others – Up to 50 to 500, possibly 600 guests (based on Burbank Manor’s seating capacity capabilities)

Possible attendees (unconfirmed, and undocumented):
1. Michelle Obama
2. Toni Rezko (Rezko was a donor to one of Rashid’s University programs)
3. Edward Said
4. Louis Farrakhan
5. Nation of Islam (NOI)

Bad News & Good News On an Obama Loss

October 31, 2008

The Bad News on an Obama loss…
“It Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets.”

The Good News on an Obama loss…
Democrats were cut and runners back during the Civil War, too.

Today’s democrats are much like the copperheads of 1864 who wanted to cut and run then, too. This Thomas Nast illustration exposed the hypocrisy of the 1864 Democratic Platform. While totally undermining the Union Army, and what it was trying to do, the Chicago Platform went on to allege its support of the individual soldiers and their families. (Son of the South)

It won’t be a long fight.
But, if something does happen, the Republicans ought to be ready.

Loyal Devotee Praises Dear Leader’s Blessed Miracles

October 31, 2008

“I never thought this day would happen. I won’t have to work on puttin’ gas in my car. I won’t have to work at payin’ my mortgage. You know. If I help him [Obama], he’s gonna help me.”

Peggy Joseph
Obama Devotee


Say Anything has more.

Dear Leader’s blessed redistribution plan is a hit with many disciples.

O-Banished!… Dear Leader Purges Plane Of Media Defectors

October 31, 2008

The Purge Continues…
First it was unfaithful TV stations who asked hard questions.
Now, the Obama Camp is banishing newspapers that endorsed McCain from his plane.

And, he’s replacing them with more sympathetic publications:

Obama purges plane of Newspaper reporters who work for papers that endorsed McCain.
They may be replaced with reporters from black magazines including JET and Essence.
Drudge reported:

The Obama campaign has decided to heave out three newspapers from its plane for the final days of its blitz across battleground states — and all three endorsed Sen. John McCain for president!

The NY POST, WASHINGTON TIMES and DALLAS MORNING NEWS have all been told to move out by Sunday to make room for network bigwigs — and possibly for the inclusion of reporters from two black magazines, ESSENCE and JET, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Despite pleas from top editors of the three newspapers that have covered the campaign for months at extraordinary cost, the Obama campaign says their reporters — and possibly others — will have to vacate their coveted seats so more power players can document the final days of Sen. Barack Obama’s historic campaign to become the first black American president.

Some told the DRUDGE REPORT that the reporters are being ousted to bring on documentary film-makers to record the final days; others expect to see on board more sympathetic members of the media, including the NY TIMES’ Maureen Dowd, who once complained that she was barred from McCain’s Straight Talk Express airplane.

After a week of quiet but desperate behind-the-scenes negotiations, the reporters of the three papers heard last night that they were definitely off for the final swing. They are already planning how to cover the final days by flying commercial or driving from event to event.

Do you suppose the LA Times will be moved to business class for their loyalty?

At least we know what to expect from the Marxisant radical if he makes it to the White House.

More… Yid With Lid posted The Washington Times reaction to the news.

Iraqis Join Georgians and Israelis In Supporting McCain

October 31, 2008

It’s interesting how those countries threatened by radical regimes and unstable neighbors are backing John McCain over the Far Left Marxisant radical.

Georgians back McCain.

76% of US citizens in Israel are voting for John McCain over Obama.

Even the Iraqis are speaking out in support of McCain.

Likewise– Cuban Americans and Russian Americans overwhelmingly support John McCain.

John McCain supporters hold up a sign at a campaign rally of Cuban Americans in Miami, Florida on Wednesday. (Photograph: Gary Rothstein/EPA)

Obama Supporters Speak Out On Their Support For Israel

October 31, 2008

As Barack Obama says… “The ACORN does not fall far from the tree.”
The same goes with support for Israel.

Since the news broke again this week that Barack Obama was toasting a former PLO operative at a Chicago Jew-bash, the Left and the media have been strangely silent to condemn this atrocious behavior by their savior.

Likewise, his radical supporters see nothing wrong with palling with former PLO operatives.
Here are two Obama supporters speaking out on Israel from the comments section of this blog in the last 8 hours:

Paulette has left a new comment on your post “LA Times: Barack Obama’s Friends Are So Dangerous…”:

Insane McCainiancs and F*cktard Palins please stop using ancient texts for reasons for why you are the “chosen” people and why you own this and that piece of land.

I doubt very much the tape shows anything incriminating or that associating with Khaladi is any big deal. If it is then why did John McCain donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Khalidi’s group?

I hope the new adminstration says no more unconditional support for Israel. Israel claims to be a democracy yet treats Palestinians as second class citizens; denies them access to education, or to travel freely and other rights which should be available to all. All because their bible tells them so? How f*cking stupid is that? Israel also harbors criminals who claim to be Jewish. With no extradition treaty with the US there’s a nice group of murderers in Israel who should be in jail for their horrible crimes. But because these murderers are of the chosen people they live freely.

Israel is absolutely shameless. No matter who wins the US election: NO more unconditional support for Israel. No more occupation.

That’s not “Jew bashing” it’s common sense that a democratic society like the US would promote democracy around the world. Look at is this way: If Jewish people were in France under occupation it would be unexcusable for the US to support France in any way until conditions changed in a positive way for French Jews.

I’ve always wondered why the Israelis are doing to a group of people what they complain has always been done to them?

Posted by Paulette to Gateway Pundit at 3:36 AM

Here’s another Obama supporter voicing their support for Israel the best way they know how:

DAC has left a new comment on your post “LA Times: Barack Obama’s Friends Are So Dangerous…”:

You’re out of your god-f*cking minds. Yes, I said god-f*cking.

McCain has had friendly relations with Khalidi in the past and donated five times the money to his cause that Obama donated.

That, and there’s actually nothing wrong with being pro-Palestinian and criticizing the state of Israel. But I’m sure you inbred hayseeds would disagree that there is such thing as a right to hold – gasp – opinions other than your own.

Posted by DAC to Gateway Pundit at 1:47 AM

(Asterisks mine)

Is it any wonder then that 76% of US citizens in Israel are voting for John McCain?

More… FrontPage has a report on Obama’s support for Israel.

Minnesota Obama Supporters Plant Red Star On Their Flag

October 31, 2008

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Can we call them socialists now?
Or, is that still considered a racist term?
The election is not even over and the Obama supporters in Minnesota already have a red star on their flag for Dear Leader:

Hat Tip Shane

Maybe Joe the Plumber was right about Obama.
No wonder the Obama media and Ohio democratic officials hate him.

Race Tightens As Americans Take Closer Look at Radical Obama

October 31, 2008

As Dick Morris said tonight- the presidential race is essentially tied with most all of the undecideds leaning towards McCain.
The last week was brutal for the Obama Camp. The One’s socialist comments to Joe the Plumber and news on his radical pals are sending voters to McCain.
Dan sent this:

Below are the latest poll numbers tabbed by

Click to Enlarge

Notice anything odd yet predictable? The three polls done by MSM outlets are the outliers (outliars?). A coincidence? I don’t think so. It’s been like that for months. Now pull those out and do the math.

Lessons learned: Yes, the liberal media are full of crap, as everyone besides them already knows – and Fox may not be immune. But more important, the race is very tight in spite of the Obama Dream Machine’s $600 million – that’s $600,000,000 folks – in campaign spending, plus tens of millions more in free kissy-face and priceless cover-up from the aforementioned Obamamedia lackeys.

As I’ve been saying, don’t buy into the manufactured despair they’re peddling on Obama TV and in Obama newspapers. It’s called vote suppression in political jargon.

Dammit! Act like we’re one point behind. Because we are.

Have a good night. Let’s take it to ’em tomorrow.

Dan Friedman

Related… 76% of US citizens in Israel are voting for John McCain over Obama.
The last Democrat to do so poorly with Jewish voters was George McGovern.
We all know how that turned out.