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Liberal Media Rips Palin– Defends Violence Against Iranian Women

September 30, 2008

Iran arrested up to 150,000 women last year for breaking the strict dress code.
This doesn’t appear to bother the staff at the St. Petersburg Times.

It’s a sad day in America when propaganda writing fascists will deny the reality of daily life in Iran because of their hate for Sarah Palin.

This photo was taken last year during the brutal crackdown by the Iranian regime on women.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin released a speech she was planning on giving in New York last week at an anti-Ahmadinejad rally before Democrats forced Jewish groups to disinvite the Republican vice presidential candidate:

“It is said that the measure of a country is the treatment of its most vulnerable citizens. By that standard, the Iranian government is both oppressive and barbaric. Under President Ahmadinejad’s rule, Iranian women are some of the most vulnerable citizens. If an Iranian woman shows too much hair in public, she risks being beaten or killed.”

This outraged the staff at the St. Petersburg Times who defended the Iranian Regime in order to bash the popular conservative Governor Sarah Palin.
Here is part of their response:

In arguing for a hard line against Iran, Gov. Sarah Palin invoked not just that country’s uranium-enrichment efforts and attitude toward Israel, but also its treatment of women.

…We’ve looked elsewhere at how candidates from both parties have strayed from the truth in their tough rhetoric about Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. Now let’s check Palin’s grasp of the consequences of improper head-covering. Restrictions in Iran go back centuries, but the strength of enforcement has varied.

Modesty has been a component of Islam since the Prophet Mohammed revealed purported advice on the subject from God in the seventh century. It has been interpreted differently among and within Muslim cultures around the world, including Iran. In 1936, Iran’s largely secular ruler Reza Shah Pahlavi, intent on modernizing the country, banned the practice of wearing the veil, known in the Muslim world as hejab. That law was rescinded after Pahlavi was forced to relinquish power in 1941, but the policy of discouraging and disparaging hejab remained, said Ziba Mir-Hosseini, an Iranian anthropologist and a visiting professor at the New York University School of Law.

Obviously, the propagandists in Florida missed this video from Iran last year:

There is extensive evidence of regime brutality against women in Iran.
It’s sad that the writers at the Times have to prop up this violent regime in order to push their political agenda.
How tragic.

Here is contact information:
St. Petersburg Times
490 First Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi

UPDATE: Now a liberal blogger is comparing Palin to Ahmadinejad.


Bill Clinton Stars In New McCain Ad "Rein"

September 30, 2008

Bill Clinton stars in the newest McCain-Palin ad “Rein”:

Just last week Bill Clinton blamed Congressional Democrats for blocking reform of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, via Patriot Room:

Going very much against the media meme that the current financial crisis is all George W. Bush and the Republicans’ fault, Bill Clinton on Thursday told ABC’s Chris Cuomo that Democrats for years have been “resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was President to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”

Meanwhile, Barack Obama advisor Franklin Raines is back in the news as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are facing a federal grand jury investigation into their accounting practices.

Freaky Video Surfaces… Cult Kids Sing "Yes We Can" Indoctrination Song …Update: NBC CEO is Cult Member

September 30, 2008

Children sing “Yes We Can” song about change for Dear Leader:

Video via Drudge

It’s a cult.

It’s like that Texas cult but they wear blue hope T-shirts instead.
Can you say, “Indoctrination?”
Somebody rescue these kids!

More reaction at Founding Bloggers.

UPDATE: Here is a screengrab from the Sing For Change website:

Click to Enlarge
Well, well!
Why is this not surprising?
The President & CEO of NBC Universal, Jeff Zucker, is part of the cult.

Oh, and Daily Kos had a post up on this Obama cult… Until they didn’t.
Hat Tip SuperSekrit

News Flash: Dana Milbank Is a Corrupt Liberal Hack

September 30, 2008

OK- So it’s not quite a news flash.
It’s not even a question.
The question is how this guy can keep a job when his commentary is so obviously corrupt.

Here is liberal hack Dana Milbank today in The Washington Post:

The bailout bill was going down to defeat on the House floor yesterday, and Democratic and Republican leaders were desperately trying to twist arms and change votes when a bipartisan group of backbenchers began to heckle them.

“Regular order!” they cried, demanding that the leaders end the vote and pronounce the bill dead.

In the well of the chamber, Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the normally genial House majority leader, turned with fury on one of his tormentors, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.), and shouted: “The market’s tanking as we speak!”

So it was. The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 778 points, the largest one-day point drop in history. And no wonder: In the Congress of the United States, the insane are now running the asylum.

What fantasy land does Milbank live in?

After Pelosi gave one of the nastiest partisan talks in US history are we supposed to believe that Democrats wanted this thing to pass?

Get real.

The Democratic leader didn’t even “whip” up her representatives, let alone her committee leaders. They admitted that yesterday.

And, Rahm Emmanuel who served as a board member for Freddie Mac, one of the federal agencies behind the crisis, was monitoring votes on the floor:

He took a leadership role in tanking the bill. “He was cheerleading us along, mothering the votes,” says the aide. “We wanted enough to put the pressure on the Republicans and Congressman Emanuel was charged with making it close enough. He did a great job.”

Oh, and Dear Leader Obama did not make a single call urging support for the bailout bill.

While Republican members were battling their consciences over the bailout bill, Democrats were playing politics.

Then after the vote failed the democrats cracked jokes while the market lost $1.2 trillion.

The Democrats were not “twisting any arms.”
They put personal power before their country, again.

Milbank’s spin today was disgraceful.

Obama Loses Jewish Support– Numbers Lower Than Clinton, Gore & Kerry

September 30, 2008

Maybe it has something to do with his attending an anti-Semitic church for 20 years?
Maybe it’s because his church of 20 years idolized Louis Farrakhan?
Or, maybe its because of his Jew-hating friends or his secret meetings with shady imams?

Whatever the reason, Barack Obama is losing much of the Jewish vote and his numbers are going down not up.

Barack Obama shared the cover of his church magazine with known radicals and Jew-haters- Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.
His numbers “pale” in comparison to those received by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry…
And, they’re going down.
Haaretz reported:

Though the percentage of Jews in the U.S. is merely 2 percent, 4 percent of the votes in the presidential elections are generally cast by American Jews. In certain states, such as Florida, the Jewish vote is considered crucial.

In addition, more than 40 percent of American Jews contribute to presidential campaigns, comprising one fifth of all campaign contributions.

According to the survey, 56 percent of American Jews define themselves as Democrats, 17 percent as Republicans and 25 percent as Independent.

While Obama leads McCain by 27 percentage points in the survey, his numbers pale in comparison to those received by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry. Some claim that fraudulent rumors and e-mails suggesting Obama is Muslim have affected his standing. However, Republicans prefer the theory that since the September 11, 2001 attacks, American Jews have begun to rethink which policies are safer for them and for Israel.

In the previous poll conducted in July among American Jewish voters, Obama garnered 62 percent versus McCain’s 32 percent. The current poll shows that both candidates have lost American Jewish support, but Obama lost slightly more.

Actually, when you think about it, he’s doing quite well considering who he is.

Iranian Minister Admits Oxford Diploma With Misspellings Was Not Real

September 30, 2008

The new Iranian Interior Minister More Ali Kordan admitted today that he had peddled a bogus Oxford Diploma to the press.
Copies of the diploma, with misspellings and garbled wording, were distributed to the Iranian media after his promotion to Interior Minister.

Click to Enlarge
A photo copy of the bogus University of Oxford diploma was posted on the asriran website.

The new Iranian Interior Minister was caught pushing a bogus diploma he said he received from Oxford University in 2000.
Lawhawk and YNET News reported:

Iran’s new interior minister has raised an uproar among lawmakers and Iranian media over an apparently fake claim that he holds an honorary doctorate from Britain’s Oxford University. To back his case, he’s shown off a degree certificate riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Oxford issued a statement Wednesday denying it ever awarded Ali Kordan (pictured) an honorary doctorate of law, as he claimed to parliament before it approved his appointment to the post earlier this month.

The Interior Ministry put out a copy of the degree, with an Oxford seal and dated June 2000, aiming to prove its authenticity.

But in the certificate, “entitled” is misspelled “intitled,” and it says Kordan was granted the degree “to be benefitted from its scientific privileges.”

The clumsily worded document says Kordan “has shown a great effort in preparing educational materials and his research in the domain of comparative law,that has opened a new chapter,not only in our university,but, to our knowledge,in this country” – leaving out spaces after all but one of the commas. It was published in several Iranian papers this week.

Today, the Iranian Minister admitted this document was not a real Oxford Diploma.
No kidding.
Israel Without Ifs or Buts has more on the bogus diploma, via LGF Quick Links.

Busted!… Iranian Interior Minister Caught Pushing Bogus Oxford Diploma

Pelosi Punks America… Stocks Lose $1.1 Trillion

September 30, 2008

Face It America. You Got Punked.

Suspicion is growing that Pelosi and the Democrats made no serious effort to pass the bailout bill, and that it failed at least in part because Pelosi tried to misuse it for political advantage.

Given the fact that the legislation was in fact a negotiated, bipartisan compromise, the first duty of the majority party is to line up its members to support the majority’s bill. But evidence is growing that the Democrats did no such thing.

As of yesterday, the Democrats’ House whip, Jim Clyburn said that he hadn’t even begun “whipping” Democratic representatives, and wouldn’t do so unless and until he got orders from Nancy Pelosi. Today, Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio told NPR that he never was “whipped” on the bill. So Pelosi evidently left Democrats to vote their consciences–which is to say, vote against the bill if they thought it was politically necessary–while counting on Republicans to put the bill over the top- Power Line.

Rep. Peter deFazio (D-OR) told NPR that he was never whipped on the question.

The Pelosi speech.
The vicious, hyperpartisan and dishonest speech by Speaker Pelosi was not designed to bring the parties together or to gain any Republican votes.
It was designed to do the opposite.
In fact, corrupt Rep. Barney Frank even yielded an extra minute of his time to give the Democratic Speaker time to get all of her digs in at the opposition:

Karl Rove described Pelosi’s vicious speech this way:

“She had a huge impact on the vote. This was over five minutes of the most vicious partisan rhetoric. This is the kind of thing you expect to hear on the floor of the House from some insignificany partisan back-bencher. You do not expect to hear this from a leader. The Speaker of the House whose responsibility it is to set the bipartisan tone to get this bill passed. I was appalled by this.”

While the Speaker was making her speech on the floor, the head of the Congressional Democratic Campaign Committee was on National Public Radio basically saying the vote would be used against Republicans in the fall- K. Rove.

During the vote, Rahm Emmanuel, who served as a board member for Freddie Mac, one of the federal agencies behind the crisis, was monitoring votes on the floor. He took a leadership role in tanking the bill. “He was cheerleading us along, mothering the votes,” says the aide. “We wanted enough to put the pressure on the Republicans and Congressman Emanuel was charged with making it close enough. He did a great job.” –American Spectator.

Note the “motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.” If the Democrats had wanted this to pass, they would not have said that. The procedural guts of this is that any vote in the House can be “reconsidered” by a motion to reconsider that is in order from a member of the prevailing side for two legislative days. By tabling this, that option is off the table.

The simplest option for Pelosi would have been to wait an hour, watch the markets collapse for a while, scare 12 Democrats and hold a revote. Surely some Republicans would have participated in this –RedState.

After all was said and done and the vote failed to pass, with even Obama Campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. voting against the bill, the Democrats were cracking jokes with the press.

That’s right.
In the press conference after the vote Democratic leaders cracked jokes about the hurt feelings of the House Republicans.

This was all while the US stock market was the stock market was sliding some 700 points. It was the worst one day loss in history.

$1.1 Trillion was lost on the stock market yesterday.

(Excerpts taken from Power Line and Redstate)

More… The New York Post calls it “Nancy’s Disaster”.

Victor Davis Hanson sees faltering leaders and a McCain moment.

Karl Rove Outraged At Pelosi’s Vicious Partisan Gimmicks (Video)

September 30, 2008

There is plenty of evidence that Democrats wanted the bailout vote to fail today.
During this national crisis, the vicious speech by Speaker Pelosi was not designed to bring the parties together or to gain any Republican votes.
It was just another chance for the Speaker to play politics and Bush-bash while the nation was looking for some hope. The speaker also gave key Democrats a pass on the bailout vote.

It’s really not surprising then that Democrats were cracking jokes after the vote failed and the stock market was sliding some 700 points.

Karl Rove was outraged at the Speaker’s scheming during this national crisis:

From his appearance on The O’Reilly Factor.

Apparently, according to Rove, Democrats were already talking about how they were going to use the vote to attack Republicans before the votes were even counted.

More… Even Obama Campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. voted against the bill.

Letter Discovered: Obama Camp Looks For "Break Your Heart" Teen Actresses to Play Incest-Rape Victims in Anti-Palin Ads

September 30, 2008

More Hope and Change…

After the addition of Governor Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket earlier this month, the Obama Camp sent out ads looking for “break your heart” teen actresses to play incest-rape victims for their anti-Palin (and McCain) ads.

Needs of the Many posted the ad that was sent out to actresses in the Las Vegas area:

Click to Enlarge

Here is the wording of the anti-Palin ad:

The actress should be 15-19, and “break your heart” without saying a word. Her role is that of a victim of incest or rape who is now pregnant, and “forced to keep her child b/c Roe v. Wade overturned means no exception for rape or incest.”

And, this is the candidate of hope and change?

By the way- McCain has made it clear that he supports abortion in cases of rape or incest. Governor Palin does not support abortion.

Obama Campaign Looked For Rape Victims For Ads After Palin Was Nominated

St. Louis KMOV Secretly Switches Report On Obama Truth Squad

September 30, 2008

St. Louis KMOV Channel 4 changed the Obama Truth Squad report on their website.

They removed the lead-in that mentioned:

“Obama’s campaign asked law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad…”

And, replaced it with toned down language:

“September 23rd, 2008 The Barack Obama campaign is getting help from local prosecutors, both Democrats, to clarify TV ads the campaign believes are misleading.”

Notice how different that sounds?
This is pretty insidious, isn’t it?
KMOV did not report that they had changed their story.

It’s like how Winner changed that astroturf video about Sarah Palin and the Alaska “secessionist” party, toned it down before it ran on FOX News so it didn’t look as inflammatory as it did on You Tube.

Here’s a link to the reporter John Mill’s response to this controversy. Like St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Jo Mannies, Mills insists that John McCain has “truth squads” too.
However, he does not mention that the McCain squads are not threatening lawsuits against opponents.
The Democratic prosecutors and sheriffs supporting Barack Obama are threatening to drag opponents to court and sue them.
Hat Tip BG

UPDATE: St. Louis GOP leader Ed Martin notes that the Obama supporting public officials are not backing down from their original statements.

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